Our facilities

Our facilities

We are going to go for a stroll by Goma Laca S.L. facilities. They are 700 square metres, divided into three floors where we will check that all their dependencies have been designed and fit out to every facet, not only of the restoration but the replicas, design and creation of furniture as well.

1Office and customer service center

2Anti woodworm treatment room

Very important and unavoidable area of our facilities where they all components of furniture and materials for their healing or preventive against wood destroying guaranteeing protection to other facilities and ensuring that there is no contagion once delivered jobs

3Warehouse of woods and veneers

Where to get a natural drying of wood and optima plates conservation

4Furniture waiting room

Installed on the degree of humidity and temperature so that the Cabinet does not suffer new damage while waiting for the shift of the restoration

5Room photo and disassembly

Here is where furniture is photographed and disarmed removing hardware, glass, leather, fabrics, etc.

6Stripping area

Where the furniture is stripped of all the layers, which with the passage of time have been increased, whether they are varnishes, lacquers, waxes, or paintings, to leave the furniture in wood, in order to see all the shortcomings that we have to solve

7Carpentry area

Where several paragraphs (sizes, turning, veneers, gluing, etc.) is restored furniture trying to replace the less possible parts and improving the cabinetmaking initial if deemed necessary

8Varnished area

Varnishing to crankpin and the tradition of ancient artisans, but with the option to use modern materials that help us to replace waxes or oils giving furniture to its original appearance but the advantage of having better maintenance

9Exhibition and sale area

In our new facilities, you can find a wide exhibition of furniture restored and unrestored